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GDS Shenzhen No.1 Data Center Introduction


  • Futian Bonded Zone
    Shenzhen, China
  • Less than 10km to
    the Shun Hing Square

Building design

  • Reinforced concrete, level-7 aseismic design
  • 1200kg/mfloor weight of computer room
  • Independent freight elevators and freight unloading zone

Electrical power system

  • UPS with N+1 and 2N redundancy configurations
Electric generator
  • N+1 generator redundancy configuration
Power supply specifications
  • Power supply density: 10A-20A/cabinet

Refrigerating system
  • Centralized cold-source frozen water system, independent refrigerating module with N+1 configuration (refrigerating host)
  • Air-conditioning system redundancy configuration, refrigerating host (high-precision air-conditioner) with N+2 redundancy design at end
  • High-precision air-conditioner in the computer room of the data center regulates indoor temperature and humidity
Fire fighting system
  • Smoke detector warning device
  • FM200 fire fighting system
Network environment
  • Internet access of China Unicom and China Telecom
  • Network covering several operators and high-quality international link exchange services
  • Permanent communication data line

Security system

Monitoring detector
  • Centralized video monitoring management system
  • 7x24h security inspection
Building access
  • Access controlled by ID tag, IC card and other identification systems
Computer room access
  • Access controlled by ID tag, IC card, fingerprint identification and other identification systems

Standard cabinet
  • Air vents above and below the racks
  • 600mm x 1100mm x 42U
  • 24h uninterruptible BMS monitoring system
  • Temporary working chamber
  • Meeting room
  • Seat or office leasing