ESG Report 2021

Connecting a
smart infrastructure platform
to a sustainable future

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ESG Statement:

We are committed to
achieving carbon
neutrality by 2030.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives are a priority for our customers and to us. Last year, we released our inaugural ESG report, in which we shared our ESG vision of connecting our smart infrastructure platform to a sustainable future. With our 2021 ESG report, we are pleased to report solid progress across key metrics.

  • We are greener
  • We are smarter
  • We are resolute

At GDS, we aim to build sustainability into everything we do.

ESG strategy and priorities

  • Environmental commitment
  • Social commitment
  • Governance commitment
Minimize environmental impact
Environmental commitment
  • Reduce carbon footprint by
    increasing proportion of
    renewable energy usage
  • Make our data centers greener
  • Reduce resource
    consumption by optimizing
    operational efficiency
Create value for all stakeholders
Social commitment
  • Empower with a smart
    infrastructure platform
  • Foster diversity, inclusion
    and personal development
  • Engage our value chain
    and communities to drive
    positive impact
Engender trust via rigorous governance
Governance commitment
  • Maintain high standards
    of corporate governance
  • Ensure strict protection of
    data security and privacy
  • Enhance sustainability
    through accountability
Highlights in numbers
2020 to 1H 2021
  • 34.3%
    renewable percentage
  • 1.17
    best performing PUE (Apr 2021 - Mar 2022)
  • 26
    DCs with green certification
  • 9.585
    out of 10 customer
    satisfaction score
  • 38.2
    training hours per
    employee per year
  • 35%
    of female employees in
    senior-level management
  • 100%
    of employees received anti-
    corruption and compliance training
  • 100%
    of employees received cyber
    security training
  • Established ESG
    Management Framework
    and Sustainability Committee
Approach in actions
Zero carbon data centers in Chengdu and Shanghai

In 2021, our Chengdu #1 and Shanghai #3 data centers achieved 100% renewable energy use through direct purchase of hydro power and redemption of RECs. We have purchased additional RECs to offset remaining Scope 1 emissions.

Based on these efforts, the two data centers were awarded “Zero Carbon Data Center” designations by the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC).

Smart DC solution application at our Changshu Data Center Campus

We applied our Smart DC solution to our Changshu hyperscale data center campus. As a result, we achieved smart design, construction and operation for Changshu #1 with a construction period, quality, energy efficiency, and smart operation capability that met or exceeded customer expectations.

Using prefabrication technology, we completed delivery of 1,000 data center racks in three months. We installed AI based tools with connectivity to our Regional Operation Command Center (ROCC) system. These tools will enable smart and high efficiency operation.

Anti-fraud and anti-phishing drill

Anti-fraud and anti-phishing have always been an important part of our cyber security system. We have an email security defense system to identify of phishing and virus emails and warn about abnormal email behavior. In 2021, we conducted anti-phishing tests for all employees and carried out three rounds of special anti-phishing training for employees who failed to pass the tests, so as to enhance their awareness.