Shoulder the social responsibilities and never change the original inspiration

While committed to providing a solid platform for the development of China's digital economy, GDS never forgets to shoulder the social responsibilities of a modern corporate citizen, and attaches great importance to the management and construction of the social responsibilities of the Company.

“Integrity, modesty, diligence, kindness and honesty” are not only the corporate values of GDS, but also deeply reflect the original inspirations of the GDS people to practice social responsibilities. We give back to the society, pass on positive energy, warm life with love, and light up hope.

GDS is people-oriented, and advocates diversity and inclusiveness. While caring for the well-being of employees, GDS pays more attention to their career development, and strives to build a positive team full of trust and mutual respect, so that every employee has a sense of belonging, happiness, and can fully realize their own value.

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  • Temperament of employees

    Employees are the most valuable asset of GDS. It is always the purpose of GDS to care for the well-being of employees and create a people-oriented, diverse and inclusive cultural concept.

    GDS currently employs 2,185 people from 15 countries, across different age groups, races and genders, with women accounting for 37% of senior management staff. In GDS, every group of people is respected and every effort is seen.

    Colorful cultural and sports activities have always been one of the highlights of the corporate culture of GDS. The cool and refreshing activities in hot summer, the football, basketball and badminton games after work, the expectation for Zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival, and the FUN touring activities all reflects our care for the quality of life, sense of happiness and belonging of employees, so that our team gains more cohesion and centripetal force in happy laughter.

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  • Growth of employees

    At GDS, we believe that systematic career development planning and talent development are indispensable to helping employees fully realize their own value. In turn, personal progress, career development, motivation and satisfaction of employees are also the source of motivation to promote the growth and success of the enterprise.

    GDS offers a variety of training programs tailored to the needs of employees based on their length of service and position in the Company, including anti-corruption, compliance and network security training necessary for all staff. The “Golden Eagle Program” aiming to laying the foundation for success for new employees and the “Medium-level team leadership training camp” is specifically for medium-level managers to enhance their full ability in practical work.

    In 2022, the GDS employees received training for 36.4 hours per person by average. In the future, we will continue to increase our endeavor in the development of talent, and continue to input positive energy for the win-win and common development of enterprises and employees.

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  • Public welfare and charity

    Adhering to the corporate values of “integrity, modesty, diligence, kindness and honesty”, GDS is concerned with public welfare and charity, and has never stopped delivering love.

    Together with the Chunhui Charity Foundation, GDS made charitable donations for the “Shanghai Chunhui Caring Home” project, and by now, it has helped realize 213 cases of surgery and treatment, brightening the hope of life for lonely and disabled children and children in difficulties in the Chunhui Care Home, and allowing them to grow up with love and warmth. In every visit to the Kindness House of Shanghai Chunhui Care Home, the people of GDS are deeply touched by the firm and optimistic smiles of the little angels and every step they take on the road of growth.

    Give someone a rose and lingering fragrance remains. The value of an enterprise lies not only in serving customers and creating economic value. The people of GDS firmly believe in the power of growth, and we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities to produce active influence, and send love and warmth to more people in need.

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  • Join us

    GDS is changing the development of industries such as the Internet, e-commerce and cloud services in China. Broad industry prospects, strong company development, and a complete career planning platform, all will provide you with a broad world with promising prospects.

    Join us, stand side by side with the leaders of the data center industry, and be bold to think, to act and to win the future in an arena respecting talents that belongs to you.

    Our vitality and strength come from each unique and excellent you.

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