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GDS Received the Outstanding Data Center, Recommended Solution and Data Center Star Person Awards

Date:May 07,2018

Organized by the Data Center Industry Alliance of China, the Eighth China Data Center Industry Conference was held in Shanghai on May 3-4, 2018. GDS attended the event and received the following three awards:

"Outstanding Data Center" Award
-Shanghai No.4 Data Center
"Recommended Data Center Products / Solutions" Award
-“Hybrid Cloud Service Management Platform”
"Data Center Star Person" Award
-GDS Senior Vice President, Du Qiu

Venue of the 8th China Data Center Industry Conference

GDS Shanghai No.4 Data Center

“Outstanding Data Center” Award

GDS Shanghai No.4 Data Center

With a building area of 26,400 m2 and server rooms built to Chinese national standards A/T3+, GDS Shanghai No. 4 Data Center (SH4), located at No.6, Huajing Road, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, has been in operation since the end of 2017.

As part of the GDS Waigaoqiao data center cluster, SH4 is designed, built, operated and maintained to the highest standards, to support the connection with other local or off-site data centers, while offering comprehensive enterprise-class hybrid cloud solutions.

GDS “Hybrid Cloud Service Management Platform”

“Recommended Data Center Products / Solutions” Award

Leveraging the data centers’ advantages in directly connecting with multiple clouds, new technology platforms, as well as the enterprise-class, user service capabilities and experiences that have been accumulated over the years,GDS has built a new technical platform and service / product system. This platform provides users with hybrid cloud architecture planning, resource implementation and delivery, operation and maintenance management, as well as specialized services that are aligned with technology development directions and industry standards.

GDS is currently planning and building a hybrid cloud management platform (CMP) with a view to provide enterprise users with one-stop selection, connection, delivery, management, operation and maintenance services based on more convenient, flexible, customizable, managed, comprehensive and high-quality IT service resources and capabilities.

Du Qiu, Senior Vice President of GDS

“Data Center Star Person” Award

Du Qiu (first from left), Senior Vice President of GDS, receives the award

Wang Qi, Senior Vice President of GDS, gave a speech at the main session named The Data Center Hybrid Cloud Service in the afternoon of May 3rd, and Zhao Xin, Director of Network Products in GDS, gave the Single Point of Access and Multiple Cloud Connections — GDS Network Service speech at the IDC Optical Communication Technology Application Forum in the afternoon of May 4th. The speech shed light on the trend of cloud computing in the data center sector and the latest developments on the cloud computing business of GDS.

Wang Qi, Senior Vice President of GDS, Giving a Speech

Zhao Xin, Director of Network Products of GDS, Giving a Speech

Supported by its high-connectivity data center cluster, GDS connects private colocation services with data suppliers through Cloud Exchange. Besides, GDS is currently able to connect public clouds and private clouds to enable GDS hybrid cloud deployment. In the future, the company will continue to innovate together with leading cloud computing players to strengthen its strategic market presence and provide integrated services, including better cloud architecture design, cloud business migration, cloud business operation and maintenance management; while developing a comprehensive hybrid cloud ecosystem to drive the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises.

GDS will continue to leverage its advantages and dominant position to strengthen its strategic market presence in an effort to contribute to the establishment of new standards for the development of the data center industry, and drive the growth and transformation of the data center sector.