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GDS Comprehensively Activates Its Data Center Epidemic Prevention Emergency Plan

Date:Jan 22,2020

In response to the 2019-nCoV epidemic that has recently broken out throughout China, GDS has comprehensively activated its safety emergency plan in all of its data centers and offices around the country. In accordance with GDS Public Hygiene Emergency Plan, we activated our 2019-nCoV Prevention Emergency Plan on January 21, 2020 by developing and immediately implementing a range of exhaustive prevention measures.

1. GDS has set up a special emergency response group composed of the management team of the company and the heads of various business units to respond to all emergencies in a timely manner;

2. Contact Local Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Health Commissions to verify subsequent isolation measures should a suspected or confirmed patient have been identified in any of GDS data centers/offices/construction sites;

3. Visitor enquiry and registration, regular sterilization & disinfection and all data center employees’ body temperature measurement on a daily basis;

4. Arrange dedicated personnel every day to conduct health checks on all individuals in GDS data centers/offices/construction sites;

5. Double check the employee body temperature measurement requirements; and immediately send to hospital any individual found with cold or fever symptoms;

6. Provide mouth masks and hand sanitizers, put up posters, update and play informational PPTs in GDS data centers;

7. Double check the emergency materials in GDS data centers including the number of temperature guns, mouth masks, sanitizing agents and disinfectants, and restock if there is any shortage;

8. Keep track of the whereabouts of all employees during the Spring Festival and prepare a personnel backup plan.

Deploying capability and preparation,

GDS is ready to handle any emergency to

ensure the successful operation of all of its data centers.

And we greatly appreciate the contribution of all of those who are still

working diligently.

At this critical moment, we will be with you shoulder-to-shoulder!