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Platform-type Data Center Service - An Interpretation of More Development Possibilities for IDC Industry

Date:Dec 11,2020

Data center, as a computing infrastructure, has provided a solid digital foundation for the accelerated growth of New Infrastructure Construction and digital transformation of all industries. With the emergence of more new application scenarios because of new technologies, business demands, and deployment of new resources, data center is gradually evolving from a traditional computing and storage infrastructure into a computing power cluster where centralized storage coexists with edge and network deployments. It is against this background that IDC is being redefined.

On December 9, Wang Haiming, SVP at GDS, gave a keynote speech, entitled Redefining IDC – Platform-type Data Center Service, at the 15th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony.


Wang Haiming, SVP at GDS

“With the Chinese IDC industry experiencing phenomenal growth over the past 20 years, from the emergence of hosting services to the rapid development of cloud computing and internet applications, GDS has also grown from a high-availability, high-performance data center service provider to a platform-type data center service provider offering more comprehensive IT infrastructure support to its customers,” he said.

GDS has strategically positioned its data center resources in the major economic hubs throughout China, which can offer smart networking services including DCI, Cloud Exchange and Cloud Connect to satisfy diverse business needs of cloud service providers, major internet companies and enterprises. Going forward, GDS will develop smart data centers to meet the needs of 5G, AI, IoT and etc.

Meanwhile, at the roundtable dialogue session Redefining IDC- Ideas About Future IDC Industry, Wang Qi, SVP at GDS, pointed out: “From our inception as a disaster recovery service provider to today, GDS has been consistently driven by customers’ needs and gains insight into data centers from a CIO perspective. Based on our experience, resource and service are the two major factors determining a customer’s choice of its IDC service provider.”


Wang Qi, SVP at GDS

 From resource side, according to Wang Qi, data center resource as defined in the digital age is not just several separate data centers. What the market really needs is a data center network with multi-regional resource deployment, multi-network connection, and multi-cloud resource convergence. From service side, the market needs a data center service provider with a comprehensive service system to help customers achieve flexible resource management. Through software-defined approach, GDS is gradually driving the development of an interactive industry ecosystem based on a one-stop IT architecture.

At the conference, GDS was granted 2020 China Data Center New Infrastructure- The Most Influential Award, while GDS Shanghai Waigaoqiao Data Center Campus received 2020 China IDC Industry Green Data Center Award.


2020 China Data Center New Infrastructure- The Most Influential Enterprise Award 

2020 China IDC Industry- Green Data Center Award