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GDS Holds “Safety Month” Training for Reliable Operations

Date:Jun 01,2021

Recently, GDS held its “Safety Month” event of 2021 which is held in April and August every year to train employees on how to address emergencies and prevent data center interruptions. The company aims to ensure that its data centers can meet users’ mission-critical IT requirements in operational reliability.


The initiative aligns with the company’s broader plan to place renewed emphasis on data center security, as digitalization accelerates and raises the cost of operational failures for businesses across the globe.


The Safety Month training brought together 12 operations teams from GDS’ four business regions in China. Through a simulated drill, the teams analysed the security loopholes that caused a well-known air crash, and discussed what could have been done to prevent such an accident or minimize its damage. Employees are expected to enhance their preparedness and perfect their emergency response skills through the comprehensive training.


“It is essential for data centers to remain secure as they provide fundamental infrastructure to the digital economy,” said Yan Liang, Senior Vice President, GDS. “At GDS, we are committed to making our data centers reliable, secure, and efficient. We believe that every employee should view each data center as an aircraft and have sufficient training to maintain a high level of security awareness.”