Connecting a smart
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to a sustainable future

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Mr. Willian Wei Huang

ESG statement

We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

We are dedicated to facilitating digital transformation by providing the world's leading innovators with a unique, open and sustainable smart infrastructure platform. As the market leader, we have the responsibility to lead our industry toward a more sustainable future. To this end, we seek to build sustainability into everything we do.

Our commitment is founded on three key pillars:

  • Minimize impact on the environment
  • Create value for all stakeholders, and
  • Engender trust via rigorous governance.

At GDS, we aim to build sustainability into everything we do.

At GDS, we aim to
build sustainability
into everything we do.

ESG strategy and priorities

  • Environmental commitment
  • Social commitment
  • Governance commitment
Minimize environmental impact
Environmental commitment
  • Reduce carbon footprint by increasing proportion of renewable energy usage
  • Make our data centers greener
  • Reduce resource consumption by optimizing operational efficiency
Create value for all stakeholders
Social commitment
  • Empower our customers with a smart infrastructure platform
  • Foster diversity, inclusion and personal development for our people
  • Engage our value chain and communities to drive positive impact
Engender trust via rigorous governance
Governance commitment
  • Maintain the highest standards of corporate governance
  • Ensure strict protection of data security and privacy
  • Enhance sustainability through accountability
Highlights in numbers
2020 to 1H 2021
renewable percentage
average annual PUE
No. of DCs with green certification
out of 10 customer satisfaction score
training hours per employee per year
of female employees in senior-level management
of employees have received anti-corruption and compliance training
of employees have received cyber security training
audit the implementation of FCPA and other anti-corruption related policies
Approach in actions
Onsite green upgrade in Shanghai #3 Data Center
In 2020, we launched a green upgrade project at our Shanghai #3 Data Center. We installed a solar wall on the windowless, south-facing façade of the building. This was in addition to taking full advantage of the industrial park’s renewable energy supply. The electricity generated through the solar panels has increased the data center’s use of renewable energy.
Consistent service quality across regions

We are one of the first data center companies with a centralized system. Our operations and management framework has three levels: Global Operation Command Center (GOCC), Regional Operation Command Center (ROCC) and Data Center Unit (DCU). All self-developed and B-O-T data centers, along with those third-party data centers operated and maintained by us, are subject to the GOCC and ROCC management to ensure consistent O&M quality across regions.

Cyber Security: ensure strict protection of data security and privacy

We have formulated cyber security management policies and guidelines, based on the ISO 27001 information security management standard, to provide a framework for the protection of our information security and all valuable information, data and intellectual property within GDS.

We have established a corporate information security committee to oversee our information security, and under the committee we have established several sub-committees to manage relevant topics.

We conduct internal and external information security audits on an annual basis. We also invite independent third-party auditors to conduct information security risk assessments on an ad hoc basis.

Recent Developments
Carbon Reduction Leader
Aug 06,2021
GDS received Data Center Carbon Reduction Leader (AAAAA) and Innovator (AAAA)
Data Center Heat Recovery
Aug 06,2021
GDS Beijing 3 Data Center was the first successful project to promote data center heat recovery for external heating
Green and Low-carbon Performance
Aug 06,2021
GDS won eight awards at 2021 Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) Summit in Beijing, including green and low-carbon performance and more


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